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What is swimming? Swimming is a movement of people or animals through water, usually without any artificial assistance.

Swimming is a “no matter what age you have sport” that can be practiced by children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Types or styles of swimming are crawl, breaststroke, butterfly and back.

Dont Drink and Swim

Why to stay and be bored at bars, night clubs, waiting for time to pass away in cigarette smoke, drinking alcohol, when you can invest in your future, be dynamic and active? Why not invest a little in your health? …

Learn to swim with us and make New friends!

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We organize:

  • Introductory courses for groups (kindergartens, schools)
  • Introductory courses and training at home for private clients
  • Physical rehabilitation programs through swimming, swimming therapeutic
  • Effective weight loss programs by swimming
  • Technical assistance and training programs for any individual category swimmers, amateur or professional.

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Swimming is the sport that best help strengthen muscles and prevent cellulite.

Exercise in water is recommended by all doctors specialists.

Going to the pool regularly turns your body into a perfect and harmonious form.

Quickly eliminate cellulite and sagging skin after weight loss because water does not bullies bones as gymnastics and works very well all muscle groups.

Any exercise that is recommended to use different muscle groups for outdoor can be executed in water provided and you can do it so at least three times a week.

After an hour of gymnastics in the water and several pools (4-5) lose on average 500-600 grams, calories are burned faster in water, the activity is much more enjoyable and not boring as other activities. Beside this, swimming will help you to get nice and toned body and will help you calm after a stressful day at work.

If you stay at the computer all day the spine will be easily deformed but swimming can help you easily to maintain the right posture, balance and accelerate intestinal transit. Get rid of back pain because you have spent long hours at the office.

Muscle tone, improves visibly, and in no way can be compared to aerobics or bodybuiding.

When you swim, watter is making a continous massage. It exfoliates and softens skin as if you had made a great discovery. It does not compare with the state summer pool when you get 10 minutes to chill and hang out.

An hour of swimming, not neccesary perfect and continuous, makes miracles as the swimming is stimulating also the brain activity.

Knowledge of swiming can save your life in a difficult situation or turn you into a life saver, saving another life.




And pregnant women are recommended swimming as the sport help straighten abdominal muscles and shoulders, high demand areas of the body of a pregnant. Moving water can reduce joint pain, high blood pressure and discomfort associated with pregnancy. Visible effects on expectant mothers swimming, which is preparing for labor delivery ensuring easy and fast recovery in addition to physiotherapy.

Rehabilitation therapy by swimming pools with a Personal Trainer


We recall some of the effects of swimming:

• recardio-pulmonary resistance increases;

• stimulates blood circulation;

• help maintain a stable blood pressure;

• reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease;

• develop the most muscle groups (more than two thirds of the entire muscle surface);

• strengthens the joint ligaments, preventing possible damage;

• improves body posture;

• develop flexibility;

• generate well being positive;

• help improve anxiety and relieves symptoms of depression;

• muscles relax after the stress of a busy day;

• stimulates physical and mental growth and development;

• improves psychomotor development;

• improves locomotor function;

• effective metabolic diseases;

• cardio-respiratory diseases;

• Nervous system disorders;

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